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Why celebrate International Women's Day?

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

As we celebrate the international women’s day, I reflected on what are our qualities that contribute to the balance.

I might be completely wrong but I believe that all of us have a motherly heart, whether we bear a child or not, we have a motherly caring nature sometimes beneath a mask. We bring comfort and warmth with our softer hugs and touches.

We’re built to be resilient to survive one of the worse pain a human being can sustain - child birth (despite what drugs can do these days). We’re born with smaller structure compared to men and more fragile especially during pregnancy when our bodies literally become ‘softer’, yet built to bear the weight of two. We’re also programmed with the courage to take on the emotional and physical responsibility of another human being’s life inside our own body. I want to celebrate this courage of every mother and to-be’s and not to take it for granted.

We are, statistically speaking, more emotional, but that gives us so much dimensions. We sometimes get called by man to be ‘hormonal’, ‘high maintenance’, ‘bitches’. We might be ‘too’ complex for those who have no intention nor patience to understand us, and so many of us were misunderstood and blamed for.

Sometimes we forget this dimension that are often labeled as ‘complexity’, it brings incredible creativity, diversity and so much fun to the world. Sometimes we just need a platform to express them and actualise them in a more fulfilling way so this amazing energy don’t end up burning us up from within. I want to celebrate our dynamic spirit and our complexity.

There’re a lot of other amazing qualities in a woman. The society put the spotlight much more on our sexuality than other qualities. You can see a sexy picture anywhere everywhere but there’s no campaign for our complexity being a good thing - why shouldn’t it be? Why were we even taught to use ‘sexy’ as an adjective of praise?

Of course, we enjoy our sexual energy, as one of our many other dimensions, but the focus on this sexual energy have caused some of us troubles. Some of us were objectified, frightened, harassed, violated. Having experienced all of the above, I wanted to write this post and draw attention on these other qualities we usually neglect.

Toast to all women, for your complexity, your courage, your strength, your gentleness and a motherly nature and many more.

Toast to those who are woman at heart, for the even more caring, sensitive and loving nature than a lot of biological women.

Toast to those men who appreciate our differences, see us beyond the superficial stuff and love your woman for all that she is.


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