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The man who taught all of us Yoga

"Think of God. If not God, the sun. If not the sun, your parents" - Krishnamacharya

Interesting read on the Yoga Journal about a great teacher to us all, who introduced and influenced much of the yoga we know today. While he had his own beliefs, he respected all cultures and religions, but only asks students to acknowledge that there are greater power than ourselves.

To celebrate International Yoga Day, I had the pleasure to teach a by-donation class at the beautiful Paramount Recreation Club in support of A SOUND LIFE. Deep gratitude to my own inspiring teachers Bianca Machlissand Simon Borg-Olivier, and to the organiser, Suyin and the Paramount team, and of course, those who shared the practice!!

Deep down I could hardly ever call myself a teacher because I know I will always be a student to the infinite knowledge of yoga. Nevertheless, with or without a 'yoga teacher' hat, I just want to continue to share a practice when we connect to others around us and with our Self, and make yoga more accessible to people from different walks of life.

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