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Koru Yoga 






Symbolises new life, growth, strength, peace

Free online Flow hatha vinyasa videos to restore, strengthen and find your way back to your happy place

Koru philosophy


Koru is a Maori word, symbolising new life, growth, strength, peace

We all need a space and time to breath, chill out.... 

Yoga is one way to quiet the chattering mind, reinvigorate our being. You'll benefit even from a few minutes of practice each day. 

Not all of us are privileged enough to be able to access a yoga class, and not all yoga classes are suitable for different types of bodies, fitness levels and needs.


Koru is here to make this life-enriching tool more accessible to people from all different walks of life. 

We offer online classes (always free!) and check out the community events near you.

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Nice to meet you :)

I am Mich. I love the nature, animals, swimming in nature, travelling.

I was made in Taiwan, grew up in NZ, lived in UK,

and now, Sydney is home.


My day job is in research and policy. Not a fan of politics, yet I am passionate about getting to know what people want and need,

and trying to recalibrate policies that affect our everyday lives. 


In the weekends, you'll find me on the beach, rolling in the sand or on the grass in the park (playing with other people's dogs),

munching on avo toast and mushrooms in the cafes,

or trying to cook up a storm and make a mess in the kitchen.

I wear many hats life (don't we all), but I don't see 'yogi' as one of my hats. It's a way of life for the last 15+ years, and continuing.




Well... I figured to have a quality life you need a functioning mind and body. We all have darker days feeling a bit lost and down.

Our minds might not always be clear. The yoga asana (posture) and pranayama (breathing) practices and its rich ancient wisdom and philosophy, have always helped me to re-position my mind,

and find the sense of peace and lightness.

Physically, my 30 something year old body is stronger, more flexible, energetic and in a better shape than when the 19 year old body, when I first started. 

An ultra curious soul, the deep profound body of knowledge of yoga is an universe that I want to spend my life exploring.

Michelle is a great instructor that can support you from the level you are at.

Beginners need lots of help from their instructors to pose posture correctly, and Michelle is very patient and wholeheartedly to adjust each and everyone in the class, ensuring we can maximise the benefits of posing correctly and avoid any injuries.
I highly recommend her class to everyone!

Krystal, government employee, now a keen yoga student

Thank you

I'm very, very lucky to complete my 200hr yoga teacher training under the guidance of inspiring teachers, Bianca Machliss and Simon Borg-Olivier.


Bianca and Simon are leading experts in yoga anatomy and physiology, co-authors of Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga 2011 with more than 60 years combined teaching experience. I continue to practice regularly with Bianca in Sydney. I can't give enough thanks to Bianca for generously sharing her deep knowledge in adjustment, and occasionally put me on a handstand with twisted root and help me to explore the potential within my mind and body. She has taught me asanas in different variations, from simple to complex, and how to adjust students safely. There's just so much to learn from Bianca and Simon!

Also, I am deeply appreciative of the teachers I have trained with, including Clive Sheridan,

石井三郎 Saburo & Hisae Ishii, funders of Family Yoga Tokyo and authors of Karada Ni Kiku Yoga 

(Yoga While Listening to the Body) and Stretch to Hogushi-Dosa (Stretching and Limbering Exercised).

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