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Watch out! These foods may cause cancer!

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

Maybe I've been brain washed by mom, who was a doctor, because I've never liked bacon, even the smell makes me sneeze whenever I walk pass a breakie cafe, serving the typical bacon&egg.

Mom has been earnestly educating the public about a carcinogenic- nitrosamines since I was in primary school (that’s almost 2 decades ago). She told my teacher to share this knowledge with kids in my class, to avoid processed meat especially taken with ketchup (like a g’d old American hot dog from 7-11 that kids in Taiwan loved).

The culprit - Nitrosamines and nitrosamides are formed when the meat component encounters with nitrate and nitrite derivates. Even at a very low dose, they can cause cancer.

Mom’s medical knowledge continued to benefit me in many ways. Not only she programmed me to love my greens, I also naturally really don’t like processed food, nor lollies (but I love cakes!), nor chocolate to be honest - probably because they weren’t part of my diet as a kid. I used to take the info mom shared for granted, only to realise how pioneer they were - much of these knowledge didn’t get public attention until a good decade later. Now the French gov and FDA are targeting nitrosamine, reminded me of how ‘embarrassed’ I was when the teacher went in front of the class and said: “her (pointing to me) mother wanted to tell you that hot dog and ketch up is not good for you....”

If you're into your bacon, prosciutto, salami and so on.... here's a tip: look for 'nitrate-free'.

Otherwise, just enjoy your meal, everything in moderation, drink plenty of water, move your body (e.g. yoga!), get your beauty sleep and help your body to get the bad stuff out of your system and restore itself.

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